ZBar-sharp Documentation



ZBar# is contains bindings to a subset of the mid-level zbar interfaces, mainly the image scanner and video abstractions. These bindings is in the ZBar namespace (libzbar-cil.dll), and are build against ZBar version 0.10.

The GtkZBar namespace (gtkzbar-cil.dll) contains a Gtk# widget for scanning bar codes with Gtk#. The example namespace contains two example applications. Example.ImageScanner is a simple console application that shows how to use libzbar-cil. The other application Example.GtkScanner is a Gtk# application that shows how to use the Scanner widget.

Building from source

The source can be build using MonoDevelop or Visual Studio, however, the example needs MonoDevelop for GUI generation. Note, that libzbar must be in the library path as either libzbar.dll or libzbar.so, for Windows and Linux respectively.